Light- The Photographer’s Vocabulary

by Al Hannigan on July 20, 2006

Light is the vocabulary photographers use to write down their impressions or to tell their story. And yet, to many photo enthusiasts light is just something that exists and is not really seen.

So many discussions on photography center around equipment, lenses, techniques … but very rarely will you find deep discussions on light or lighting and the powerful role it plays in all great photography.

Imagine reading a book by an author who had a poor grasp of words … one who had a limited vocabulary and used words that were so vague as to leave you guessing about the meaning of the story.

Would you read this book several times? Or even bother to finish it at all? Most likely not.

But what of the author who stirs and excites your emotions with words that paint you a vivid picture and carry you deep into the world of imagination? It is these books that get read by millions, get put into libraries and even change our world.

Light is the vocabulary of a photographer. Your photography will be as limited as your vocabulary. Regardless of how creative you are or how clearly you see the image in your mind, your photos will fall short if you haven’t mastered your tools … and light is the power tool of the photographer’s palette.

When you begin to actually see the light that will form your images, the world will yield more masterpieces than you could ever hope to capture. Nothing will expand your creative abilities more profoundly than becoming a student of light.

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