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My photoblog will not be made up of a gallery of my work as a photographer, like many of the photoblogs I visit. It will be simply be a way for me to share some of my experiences and views on photography.

I have been drawn to art since my early childhood and discovered photography in my late teens. I ultimately decided to make it a career and spent some wonderful years as a professional photographer.

Unfortunately, this path took me further away from the artistic aspects of photography. I have since retired from professional work and now enjoy the role of amateur … or at least photo enthusiast.

The change in viewpoint from pro to amateur is not an easy one. Contrary to what you may believe, in some ways it is a disadvantage. As a pro you approach photography from the clients viewpoint. It is the client who wants something said and it is up to the pro to turn their idea into a visual statement.

So when you then go back to using photography to make your own statements, you can quickly find yourself frustrated as you look for your own voice. There is an advantage to having the technical skills that professional photography demands, but that is not enough.

To me all great photography begins with the photographer having a vision … a mental picture or concept of the final image. Once you have that, then the technical skills to create it come into play.

One of the great things about the internet is the enormous volume of information that is available. It is all there, only finding it can be a huge task. The search engines sometimes help, but they tend to favor the commercial side of the web and often some wonderful resources get buried so far down that you never discover them.

Many of the really excellent photo sites I have discovered were found almost by accident. Clicking a link takes you to another link and another and sometimes you stumble onto a great site. Active forums of photo enthusiasts sometimes leads to sites you might never have discovered otherwise.

As I look around and find these sites, I will share them here so others can discover them as well. And hopefully the readers of this blog will share some sites that I haven’t yet discovered.

Millions of people own cameras and take loads of photos. Some of the photos are truly inspired and I intend to share some of them here or at least point you to where you can see them.

Oh, and I may even share an image or two of my own just for the fun of it !

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