My First Grandchild

by Al Hannigan on April 22, 2009

Satyana Denisof … born March 24, 2009.

My first grandchild-Satyana

Can’t wait to start spoiling her … afterall, that’s grandpa’s job and I shall not shirk my duty.  Welcome to the family Sati … you couldn’t have chosen better parents.


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Day Lily Design

by Al Hannigan on October 15, 2008

Nature is the consumate designer and for me this view of a day lily is a wonderful example of this.

Day Lily


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Light, Pattern and Texture

by Al Hannigan on July 19, 2008

I have always been fascinated with how light can transform an ordinary, everyday subject into something far more interesting …

This bathroom door is something I see everyday, but today the late afternoon light coming from the window and catching the glass knob at an angle, created a wonderful combination of pattern and texture that really appealed to my graphic senses.

I chose B&W to emphasize the effect.

Bathroom door-light,pattern & texture

Enjoy, and as always your comments are welcomed. Thanks for looking.


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Poor Man’s Scanner

by Al Hannigan on July 17, 2008

Sometimes innovating works … below is an image from an 8×10 color transparency that was part of a commercial photoshoot. Not having a scanner that could convert this to digital, I decided to experiment.

I taped the transparency to my office window and set my camera up as I would for copying any flat art. I used camera raw and shot a couple of exposures, did a bit of tweaking in Adobe Camera Raw and photoshop and here’s the result …

Copy of an 8x10 color transparency

Came out fairly good IMO. Probably not as good as a professional scan might yield, but a whole lot less expensive!


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