A World of Photo Art Illusions

After way too many years of dealing with the demands of economics and satisfying clients as a professional photographer, I at last find myself able to cater to my most demanding client … myself.

This is a diary of my ongoing passion for the creative arts. I love the digital photography adventure and enjoy sharing my journey into the world of “Photo Art Illusions”.

So, what are photo art illusions? I don’t really know. That is what makes the journey so interesting and creatively satisfying. I do know that these illusions are all around us waiting to be discovered. They exist in all fields of art, though my focus here will be mainly on the world of photography and on creative photos.

In some cases this will involve discovering and sharing inspiring photos that others have created … in other cases it will involve creating these photos myself. The purpose will be to inspire new ways of seeing the world around us.

The statement above contains the key to this journey … that key is ” inspire “. Without inspiration photography becomes a collection of snapshots. And snapshots are wonderful … they allow us to document the important events in our lives.

Inspiration, however, is very personal. What inspires you may be entirely different from what inspires someone else. And your ability to express that inspiration defines your journey in the world of photo art illusions.

I hope you will join in on this journey and that it will open up new ways of seeing the world around you. I have no idea where this journey will take us. That is not important. This is about the journey itself … not the destination.

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