Image Experiments

by Al Hannigan on November 10, 2007

Recently, I opened an image in photoshop and made some adjustments to improve its appearance. The image was shot on an overcast day, and while the light was soft and quite good for this subject, it lacked contrast as is so common on an overcast day.

Here’s the image straight from the camera, before any corrections were made …

As you can see, it is lacking in contrast and color saturation. After a few adjustments, I got this version …

A bit more vibrant, but the leaves still look drab and off color. So, with a bit more work, I got to this …

Ok, so now the image looks a little more like what I wanted when the photo was taken. Here’s my thoughts after looking at it for awhile … any reasonably good digital camera could produce this image even in the hands of a fairly inexperienced photographer.

Some photoshop skills would be needed to get a fairly decent final image, but those too could be quite easily learned …

As for creativity … well, most of that comes from the one who designed the pond and nature … all I did was really just record what was there. Yes, a little knowledge of composition perhaps, but nothing really personal from a creative standpoint.

So, I set about to experiment. I had a couple of ideas in my head, and as I played around with effects I like, I came up with a couple of variations that I like.

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

While not great art by any standards, nevertheless I like looking at them and enjoyed doing them. Perhaps it’s the frustrated painter in me, or maybe it is just a fascination with how digital photography lets one explore infinite possibilities.

For now, I am just enjoying the journey.


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