More Experimenting- Black and White

by Al Hannigan on November 12, 2007

I’ve always loved black and white photography. When using film, you had to choose whether to shoot in B&W or color. You could carry two cameras, 1 loaded with B&W film the other with color. Or just choose one over the other.

With digital cameras, you now can capture both in a single shot. Even though your camera may have an option to shoot in B&W, the best option is to just shoot color, then consider converting some of those shots to black and white.

Color photos can be very beautiful and often removing the color weakens the photo. Removing the color can also strengthen some photos. And in many instances, both a color version and a black and white version are simply different, each having its own merit.

Carrying on with the waterlily experiments, I decided to see what a B&W version would look like …

and playing with some different effects and compositions, I got this version …

Black and white is inherently more abstract since we normally see the world in color. And while there is certainly a lot of documentary style photography done in B&W, with digital it is all too easy to overlook the creative potential of turning some of those color photos into black and white.

Off to do more experimenting …


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